08-05-2023, Schiphol:
Anatolian Eagle 2023:
TC-RBZA.321-251NXPegasus Airlinesflight to Instanbul-Sabiha
TC-NBYA.320-251NPegasus Airlinesflight to Konya
09-05-2023, Konya:
spotterdag 1:
Preserved outside base:
(70-3013/13)NF-5A.2000Turkish StarsTurk Yildizlari Park
(70-3016/16)NF-5A.2000Turkish StarsTurk Yildizlari Park
Preserved on base:
(66-0346) F-4E nn near civil terminal
68-0313 F-4E nn behind main gate
13344 F-5A nn behind main gate
53-7026 F-84F nn behind main gate
51-10133 F-84G nn behind main gate
55-2748/3-748 F-100D nn behind main gate
(55-2910/3-910) F-100D nn on the airfield, as “55-0910”
3133F-5nntail only
Parked/flying main apron:
QA401Typhoon T7 sqn
QA402Typhoon T7 sqn
QA405Typhoon7 sqn
QA408Typhoon7 sqn
QA409Typhoon7 sqn
ZK322Typhoon FGR46 sqn
ZK363Typhoon FGR46 sqn
10801F-16D5(MR) sqn
10805F-16D5(MR) sqn
10904F-16C5(MR) sqn
10908F-16C5(MR) sqn
10911F-16C5(MR) sqn
73-1023F-4E.2020111 filospec.mrks
73-1027F-4E.2020111 filo
73-1047F-4E.2020111 filo
77-0296F-4E.2020111 filospec.mrks
09 BlueSu-25nn
25 BlueSu-25nn
89-0024F-16C113 filo
91-0017F-16C113 filo
89-0040F-16D113 filo
89-0042F-16D113 filo
92-0012F-16D113 filo
92-0024F-16D113 filo
88-0035F-16C152 filo
91-0011F-16C152 filo
92-0013F-16C152 filo
89-0044F-16D152 filo
07-1006F-16C161 filo
07-1027F-16D161 filo
89-0031F-16C162 filo
92-0004F-16C162 filo
88-0026F-16CSolo Turk
In hangar behind main apron:
Between shelters, 132 filo area:
27 BlueSu-25
131 filo area:
13-001E-7T131 filo
13-003E-7T131 filoin hangar
13-004E-7T131 filo
Based F-16’s:
86-0196F-16D132 filo
87-0019F-16C132 filodigi c/s
88-0014F-16D132 filo
88-0021F-16CSolo Turk
88-0025F-16CSolo Turk
90-0010F-16C132 filo
90-0012F-16C151 filo
90-0022F-16D182 filo
91-0004F-16D182 filo
91-0024F-16D132 filo
92-0001F-16C132 filo
92-0017F-16C151 filo
92-0023F-16D132 filo
93-0008F-16C132 filo
93-0663F-16C191 filo
93-0664F-16C132 filo
93-0673F-16C132 filo
93-0684F-16C191 filo
93-0687F-16C132 filo
93-0690F-16C191 filo
94-0091F-16C132 filo
94-0092F-16C132 filo
135 filo platform:
92-056/056CN-235.100M135 filo
94-080/080CN-235.100M135 filo
96-113/113CN-235.100M135 filo
96-119/119CN-235.100M135 filo
Turkish Stars:
70-3023/2NF-5A.2000Turkish Stars
70-3025/6NF-5A.2000Turkish Stars
71-3046/5NF-5A.2000Turkish Stars
71-3048/3NF-5A.2000Turkish Stars
71-3052/5NF-5A.2000Turkish Stars
71-3072/2NF-5A.2000Turkish Stars
71-4013/4NF-5B.2000Turkish Stars
71-4020/1NF-5B.2000Turkish Stars
/NF-5Turkish Stars
1225C-17A15 sqn, UAE AF
95-104/104CN-235.100M212 filo
10-05-2023, Konya:
spotterdag 2:
Additions to the 9th of may:
94-067CN-235.100M212 filowhite c/s
95-106CN-235.100M211 filoTurkish Stars c/s
76-3239C-12CUSE Ankara
86-0069F-16C132 filo
89-0028F-16C132 filo
11-05-2023, Konya:
Seen in the morning between 06.30 and 09.30 hrs during our departure back to The Netherlands:
13-001E-7T131 filo
1351CL.650UAE AF
94-067CN-235.100M212 filowhite c/s
94-068CN-235.100M212 filowhite c/s
91-003Gulfstream 4212 filo
94-080/080CN-235.100M135 filodeparted 8.50 hrs.
4 x CN.235.100M
90-0007F-16C132 filoin sheltercamp
On platform 135 filo:
2 x AS.532UL135 filo
1 x Black Hawk
11-05-2023, Instanbul-Sabiha:
EM-805Cessna 560XL+Merkez Oguz filo
Terugvluchten naar huis:
TC-CPEBoeing 737.82RPegasus Airlinesflight from Konya to Instanbul
TC-RDAA.321-251NXPegasus Airlinesflight from Instanbul to Amsterdam
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